Task Management transforms the way you work

Shape big picture objectives into executable plans, allocate direct responsibilities, monitor in real-time, boost team alignment, efficiency, and productivity all from your computer

Project Boards
Boost team alignment and keep everyone coordinated
Detailed Tasks
Ensure it's clear what is required and who is responsible

Streamline and maximize productivity

Centralize work processes in the cloud


Create a simple visual board clearly outlining all steps and timing needed to achieve your objectives

Assign Tasks

Provide clear instructions on what is to be done and assign direct responsibility

Collaborate & complete

Provide comments to help your team and track progress to get done ASAP

Organize workflow and stay on top of progress

Clear path to achieve


Outline the roadmap to reach your goals through detailed planning of projects or workflows broken down into clear tasks that teams can collaborate, communicate and update to ensure all bases are covered and delivered on time

Track direct


Each specific task within a workflow is assigned to a single person with detailed descriptions, priority, timeline, and progress status – providing complete visibility on exactly what is being done when

Boost team


Task board enables teams to collectively understand all the moving parts required to achieve overall objectives, coordinate with colleagues and effectively work in a fluid environment where things may change quickly

Key Features

Flexible Planning

Create unlimited projects with phased sprints to define your plan in a way that works best for you

Detailed Execution

Assign well-defined task to specific persons to bring a new level of transparency and accountability

Real-time updates

Get notified immediately whenever a task has been created or updated, always keeping you in the loop

Prioritize Focus

Task priority helps teammate understand what should be done first to deliver the highest impact

Encourage Collaboration

Teams collectively contribute to each task by leaving comments to help clarify or support each other

Actionable Results

Insightful reporting provides data driven analysis of key value contributors and results

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