Build a Remote Team offshore

Let our professionals help build your remote team and deal with all the administrative matters, whilst you maintain complete direct control over your staff.  

What we do

Complete service to find, hire, pay and manage offshore teams – so you can focus on your people


We take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for, then employ our powerful recruiting engine to find the best talent that matches your requirements


We directly own and operate multiple local serviced offices, accommodations, and office equipment to ensure your people are well-looked after


Full-suite HR software enables you to effectively remotely manage employee time, responsibilities and performance


All payroll, regulatory contributions, taxes and local employment requirements borne directly by us as Employer of Record

Why ZipHR?

Caring for people that care for you

Best fit talent

Finding the right person amongst a sea of people in a foreign country is challenging.  We provide a personalized service to firstly understand you then review hundreds of people on your behalf to deliver the best fit for both parties

Positive workplace

Even though you are thousands of miles away, providing a positive work environment is still critical to retaining good people.  At ZipHR your people will enjoy being part of our great community with all workplace matters being handled diligently

Staying connected

It’s easy to become disconnected when working remotely.  ZipHR helps you bridge the gap with our comprehensive HR tools that enable teams to stay in constant communication and collaboration no matter where you are

What countries do we support?

We focus only on specific countries where we have deep local expertise and support


World's 4th most populous nation, with a young workforce at 28 years of median age. The country has over 1.3 million university graduates per year in a diverse range of occupations that suit remote working well.


Philippines is a nation of 120m people and a leading destination for high-quality remote teams. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the single largest sector in the Philippines, employing over 1.2 million people.

Why should I hire in these countries?

Large population of

Skilled people

Both Indonesia and Philippines are large economies with USD1.2 trillion of combined GDP and over 13 million employed professionals 

Highly educated

Indonesia and Philippines combined have 21 universities are ranked among the best in the world with over 2 million graduates per year

English speaking

More than 50% of the highly educated population speak and write English fluently

Professional experience

Many are trained by professional local or international corporates mainly in the capital cities of Jakarta and Manila

United States
USD 3,000 - 3,500 per month
Global Average
Eastern Europe
Reduce staff cost by over


Average salary for skilled employment in Indonesia and the Philippines ranges from USD 800 – 1,200, a fraction of the salaries in developed countries and highly competitive with other popular offshore employment locations  

What exactly do we do?

+ 0 %
Match success rate within 30 days
Recruit the

Best talent

Our process starts by first understanding your company, the role and your expectations in detail. Then we apply our 25-years of local hiring experience to match the best candidates for you.  Once you have found a fit, we take care of all the negotiation, contracts and onboarding.  

Get your people running immediately

Full-service Onboarding

Once you decide to hire, we fully handle the local employment agreement as direct Employer of Record, and can provide serviced office space, employee accommodation and computers within our multiple directly owned and operated facilities at your request. 


Track time & leave

Core HR

HR data & lifecycle management


Claims & reimbursements


Client billable hours


Assessment, goals & KPIs


Daily responsibilities & collaboration


Applicant tracking system


Loans & Earned Wage Access 

Full-suite HR software to remotely

Manage Employees

Employ our advanced ZipHR software to seamlessly manage the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment, to HR management, timekeeping, payroll, daily task management, performance tracking, expense reimbursements and more! 

We handle all local


Everything regarding local employment regulations, wage payments, regulatory contributions, tax withholding, filings and any local employment dispute are all managed and borne directly by us as the legal Employer of Record so you don’ have to worry about any of it! 

Department of Labour & Employment

Social Security System

National Health Insurance

Bureau of Internal Revenue

How do we charge?

Our advanced technology platform is at the heart of everything we do – enabling us to deliver services with lightning efficiency at lower costs


10% of annual salary

No obligation

Only payable upon confirmed placement

Employer of Record

$250 per month

Employment, compliance & payments

Payable in addition to employee's wages per month

Serviced Office

$150-250 per month

Choose your location

Fee per month per employee based on selected location and seating preference

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