Performance management software with results

Traditional performance software often fail to produce meaningful results!  ZipHR performance is a dynamic platform that encourages constant interaction through employee assessment, goal tracking, feedback & skills to produce higher engagement and actionable results immediately.

Quick Assessments
Encourage frequent engagement
Collaborative Goals
Enhance teamwork and inclusion

Encourage engagement and action before its too late 

Effective performance review strategy

360 degree view

Assess employees from various perspectives to get a more comprehensive view of performance and fit

Frequent engagement

Don’t wait for quarterly or yearly reviews! ZipHR encourages quick, constant interaction to stay on top of issues on an on-going basis

Actionable results

Intuitive reports that enable managers to easily understand what groups or individuals require the most attention

Try talent management that actually works

Clearly Measurable


Increase engagement by getting more frequent employee touch points through brief questions that can easily be translated into meaningful analysis of who is happy and performing well or needs immediate attention.

Accurately track

Goals & KPIs

Interactive goal setting between managers, employees & teammates keeps everyone’s objectives aligned, with frequent KPI updates to stay informed on ongoing progress and ensure you don’t fall behind

Meaningful & actionable

Performance reports

Performance tracking will not lead to actual tangible results unless you are able to easily analyze and take action. ZipHR provides simple ways to visualize data – understanding when, where and how to help your people.  Use them to recognize your highest performers and underperformers to explore way to help them improve 

Key Features


Create performance cycles targeted to specific groups or projects according to your needs

Mobile Management

Easily update performance on the go to get immediate indications on progress

Measurable Results

Evaluate quantitative scores and rankings to better develop actionable steps

Team Goals

Link a goal to your manager, subordinate or teammate to collectively achieve objectives


Constructive feedback motivates employees to continually grow and improve

Skill Tracking

Understanding key skill sets endorsed by teammates enables informed succession planning

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