Payroll done right in a Zip!

Automate wages in perfect sync with timekeeping, get accurate contributions & tax calculations, electronic disbursements & regulatory filings in just a few clicks

Accurate payroll on time, every time

Perfectly sync time with


Real-time sync with calendar automatically handles complex issues such as attendance deductions, prorated wages, overtime, holiday pay, night shift, termination, bonuses and more!

Easily manage

Other Payments

Allowances, commissions, expenses, encashments, retroactive adjustments, non-taxable items & loans on a recurring or one-off basis

Fully compliant

Contributions & Taxes

Ensure that all your regulatory requirements for health insurance, life insurance, pension, withholding tax and annual tax are calculated with complete compliance, paid, and filed correctly.

ZipHR is really a powerhouse payroll tool, able to handle our complex company policies across our thousands of employees in a complete end-to-end process

Deric Molina

HR Director, JRS Holdings

Key Features


Flexible system ready to immediately meet your payroll policies

Calendar integration

Real-time sync with ZipHR calendar automates all wage adjustments

Additional payments

Easily include any other payments on a recurring or one-off basis in bulk


Automated monthly, yearly, bonus, termination, and gross-up tax

Electronic Disbursement

Quickly manage payments to any bank or digital payment service

Regulatory Filing

Complete report suite for statutory and tax requirements

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