Managed Payroll to save time and money

We provide full service payroll processing where all calculations, payments and filing are done for you – saving you hours of painful time spent.  And with ZipHR it only costs a few dollars per payslip done!

What we do

Handle the complete payroll process for you


Every business is different. ZipHR has the power to quickly tailor our system to manage pay they way you want it!


We crunch and validate all the numbers for you - then provide simple and clear online reports for your approval


Let us queue payments to employees and regulatory bodies directly within your back account as maker role - all you need to do is click one button to send it


Our team of payroll, contribution, tax and compliance experts ensure all your regulatory filings are taken care of perfectly

Tailored to meet

Your Needs

We understand that every country, industry, union and company have their own rules.  That is why we built ZipHR to be insanely configurable with just a few clicks.  Our payroll experts will handle all configurations upon on-boarding and beyond to ensure your payroll is done exactly as you want it.

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payslips currently managed on ZipHR monthly
Trusted by thousands of employees for our

Speed & Accuracy

ZipHR automatically processes thousands of payrolls every month in minutes, employing advanced technology to better ensure speed and accuracy without manual errors.  Our team of experts then run dozens of validation checks to identify any outliers or special situations that may require your further attention.

Automatically integrated

Timekeeping Records

One of most painful parts of managed payroll services is often trying to reconcile working and time-off records with wages. With ZipHR, all your timekeeping records are seamlessly managed directly on our platform and integrated perfectly with wages – so you don’t need to manually provide timekeeping records to us and can clearly see how wages have been calculated.  

Labour Deparment

Social Security

Pension Plan

Housing Funds

Tax Department

Managed filing and payments to ensure

Full Compliance

We handle all administrative tasks of mandatory filings and payments to regulatory and tax offices for you, so you don’t need to deal with it!  Our experts do this everyday for dozens of clients so they are always up to date on the latest to keep you continually in perfect compliance.

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And only gets cheaper as you grow

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