Invoice clients accurately for billable time

Tired of tedious hours spent verifying time and calculating billing for clients?  ZipHR invoicing system automates allocating time to specific cost centers, streamlining approval, and preparing invoice statements for fast payment.

Minimize client disputes and eliminate manual processes 

Enhance your client experience

Integrated Timekeeping

Use ZipHR timekeeping together with invoices to track time accurately, allocate hours to clients and get real-time sync into invoices

Review & Approval

Employees, managers and clients can all access detailed time records online to make amendments, query and approve seamlessly

Billing & Invoicing

Create custom payment rates by employee position for each client that are automatically calculated with billable time and included to invoices

Bill clients with complete accuracy and get paid faster

Transparent & accurate

Time Tracking

Create an unlimited number of custom clients and cost centers tagged to working events in the ZipHR Calendar to automatically track time spent with complete confidence.  All regular working hours, tardy, overtime, holiday pay, night shifts and more are securely captured and included to your invoices. 

Streamline client

Review & Approval

Clients can directly access ZipHR Calendar where they will get handy overviews of time spent with the power to drill into the intimate details of any particular event in question.  Collaborative inquiry on events in question are clearly communicated with approval completed in one click.


Billing & Invoicing

Custom configure the rate you charge each client by position per hour as a percent of employee actual wage, fixed daily wage or fixed hourly rate.  ZipHR will automatically crunch the numbers for you so that your invoices always reflect the exact time approved and cost per time spent no matter how many amendments are made along the way.

Key Features

Custom Cost Centers

Easily define each client, cost center and billable rates per employee position deployed

Calendar Integration

Perfectly integrated with ZipHR Calendar module to get accurate timekeeping with comprehensive details

Automated Charges

Charges per client per hour are instantly calculated according to the specified wage rates set per client


Clients directly log into ZipHR to view timesheets with details per employee per activity

Inquiry & Approvals

Clients may send inquiries on specific events that you can quickly respond to and get cleared for approval


View all invoices in one place to ensure you stay on top of pending items and get paid faster

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