Time & Leave Tracked with Confidence

Roster working shifts, record attendance, apply leave policies and process time requests in just a few clicks

Get time under control

Latest technology for

Flawless check-ins

Real-time attendance timestamps with advanced geo-location, facial recognition, & fingerprint verification to ensure secure on-site or remote location check-ins are captured consistently

Easily roster with

Intelligent Scheduling

Quickly assign recurring or dynamic shifts across multiple locations, departments, projects, cost centers & times through our interactive daily, weekly and monthly calendars

Automatically synced with


All working hours, tardy deductions, overtime, holiday pay, night differentials & more are immediately included to wages with customized settings for various wage rates per activity

ZipHR has been really helpful with the working conditions that require shifts distributions during this pandemic. The web and mobile application is very user friendly.

Stefanny Souisa

HR Officer, Markplus Inc.

Key Features

Easy Check-in

Simply tap mobile or tablet to record timestamps in real-time

Flexible Policies

Advanced settings to match your attendance polices in a snap

High Security

Latest facial recognition, fingerprint & geolocation technology guard against time fraud

Quick Approvals

Seamless approval process for calendar requests or amendments

Cost Tracking

Map hours to cost centers to know exactly where time is being spent

Time Reporting

Intuitive timesheets to easily get detailed understanding of attendance

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