How to Make an Effective Attendance Management System

The attendance management system is one of, if not, the most important aspects of manpower management in a company. One of the reasons why companies implement an attendance system is to ensure employees work in accordance with the provisions of predetermined working hours. Currently, many companies are running their business activities remotely. If these changes are not made with changes to the employee attendance system, it can be detrimental to the company. Therefore, an effective and efficient attendance system is needed to increase employee productivity.

We have compiled some of the best practices so that your company can develop an attendance system that can subsequently increase your company’s productivity. Check our key highlights below!

Application-based Online Attendance

The main challenge if you are working remotely is how to supervise your team to work according to the working hours. With an application-based online attendance, you don’t need to keep calling them from time to time just to remind them. Especially, if the application has a fingerprint, facial recognition, geotagging, and an accurate timekeeping system. Besides making it easier for employees to fill out the attendance list (and make sure they are the ones that fill it), these features definitely assist you to supervise your team to achieve the performance targets that have been determined by the company.

Auditable Approval Process

In a company, we believe there are certain things or actions that need to be approved by management such as daily work, decisions in a project, and also overtime or leave requests. A real-time approval process is needed to ensure that the company always gets a notification every time a request is submitted. On the other hand, employees can also monitor the approval process from company management to find out how far this process is going and take any action accordingly.

Flawless and Integrated Attendance Report

Last but not least, the best attendance system is the one that has a flawless attendance report! An attendance report is really important for the productivity of a company, moreover the one that is integrated with the payroll system. A flawless and integrated attendance report also makes the implementation of the penalties/rewards system more accurate since it will be done automatically.

A poor attendance management system can potentially cause a company more harm than you expect it to be! Furthermore, if irresponsible employees know that there is no accurate and accountable attendance system they will definitely take advantage of it and slowly affect your team productivity.

However, you don’t have to be worried because ZipHR is able to provide you with an attendance management system that has been proven in boosting a company’s productivity! 

    1. Flawless check-in/out with advanced geo-location, facial recognition, and fingerprint attendance system;
    2. Manage attendance and overtime requests anytime, anywhere;
    3. Optimize schedules across multiple locations, departments, projects, and times; and
    4. More features that are proven in boosting employee attendance rates!

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