Benefits Help Support and Retain People

Provide employees with financial benefits to give them the assistance they need when they need it.  Full-suite loan management system to handle government loans, company loans, and earned wage access.

Complete loan management without the hassle

Manage mandatory

Government Loans

Local government bodies may offer loans from pension or assistance plans that are required to be deducted and paid by the employer.  ZipHR enables bulk upload of government loan installments that automatically get deducted from take-home pay.

Create customized

Company Loans

Employees often request for company loans, which may cause uncomfortable situations and administrative burden.  Digitalize the entire company loan request, approval, disbursement, and repayment process to enable fair assessment and eliminate the hassle.

Get immediate

Advanced Wages

Employers may enable ZipHR to instantly provide access to already earned but unpaid wages at flat 3.5% transaction fee per advance.  Let our advanced payroll and credit systems do the work for you to help get immediate funds to your people exactly when they need it. 

The loan benefits on ZipHR has really been popular, keeping our people away from predatory lenders and increasing retention rates!

Diana Dakis


Key Features


User-defined parameters on loan criteria, terms, and approvals to suit any loan

Employee Friendly

Ease the awkward personal side of employee loans by digitalizing entire process

Automate Administration

Eliminate the burden of managing loans, with automated loan creation, calculation, repayment and recording

Instant Wage Access

Enable ZipHR Advance Pay to provide earned wages immediately at a low 3.5% fee

Employee Support

Enhance employee livelihood and retention by providing essential financial support when needed

Safety & Security

Help keep employees away from predatory lenders who will negatively impact employee’s well-being

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