Built for Indonesia SE Asia’s largest economy

Indonesia is one of the most diverse, vibrant and fastest growing workforces in the world that needs a modern HR solution to power its enormous working population effectively. ZipHR is a complete HR system for Indonesia, completely localized across local workforce customs, BPJS requirements, PPh21 filings, termination practices, THR and more.

In-touch with Indonesian employees
ZipHR not only keeps you always in compliance with Indonesian labour regulations for working hours, overtime, leave allowances and termination requirements, it also manages common employment practices such as meal allowances, attendance rewards, productivity based wages and more. Be a leading Indonesian employer with ZipHR

Ensure your employees are taken care of
Keeping up with mandatory BPJS Kesehatan and BPJS Ketenagakerjaan requirements is a full time job on its own! With ZipHR, we automatically notify you and prepare necessary forms to manage the BPJS enrollment and data update process. Each month BPJS payments are automatically calculated on payroll, with required reports made readily available for you.

Automated and accurate PPh21 every time
ZipHR automatically takes care of all the PPh21 complexities from including the right wages, allowances, commissions, THR and BPJS contributions, to applying allowable deductions, NPWP penalties, retroactive tax adjustments and full year tax reconciliations. Also get your reporting right with e-SPT, 1721 and BPA1 filings at your fingertips!



Full compliance with Indonesian work, overtime, leave and employee protection regulations


Automated BPJS enrollment, data update, monthly payment and reporting for all BPJS programmes


Automated, accurate calculation of all applicable earnings and deductions with annual reconciliation for filing and auditors


Full customization for common local allowance and deduction policies


Automated, on-time THR payment for every employee on their religious holiday


Automated PPh21 penalties for employees without NPWP, with retroactive tax calculations for future tax claims


File e-SPT with ease with our automated online submission forms


Termination payslips automatically calculated in accordance with Indonesian labour regulations


Electronic payroll files for every major Indonesian bank available