Expense Claims with Ease

Processing claims can easily get out of hand, with every receipt being passed around multiple people before it’s finally paid.  ZipHR Expense enables employees to easily submit their claims with set limits, immediately route to approvers and auto-pay. 

Get your expense budget under control


Expense Limits

Detailed controls enable you to specify who is able to claim each expense type, how much can be claimed per receipt, total budget limits per employee or period, employee excess or co-pay, and even restrictions on exactly which vendors the employee is allowed to claim from.  


Submission & Approval

Employees may submit claims on the go via ZipHR mobile app with just a few fields and a snap of the receipt.  Claim limits are instantly applied so that  employees can  understand maximum claimable amounts, then immediately routed through the  approval process.



Once a claim is approved it will automatically be placed in a queue waiting to be paid in the next issued payslip where expense payments are specified to be included – giving you the control to pay expenses when you want and reducing administrative and bank processing costs.

Our secretarial staff used to spend painful hours processing expenses, now they don’t need to deal with it at all. ZipHR has made life easier for everyone.

Richard Lim

COO | Infinity Solutions

Key Features

Mobile Submission

Enable easy claim submission on the go by just filling in a few details and taking a picture of the receipt

Enforce Limits

Instant calculation of claimable amount based on specified limits ensure policies and budgets are enforced

Restrict Vendors

Specify approved list of vendors to help stop false or disallowed expenditures

Streamlined Approvals

Multi-tiered approval hierarchy seamlessly routes claim to everyone who needs to approve with full details

Automated Payments

All approved, unpaid expenses get automatically included it the next payment batch you choose


Clearly analyze expenses to compare against planned budgets or identify any problematic areas or persons

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